Internal regulations of the Camping la source

These rules of procedure apply to any person inside the campsite, whether visitor or camper, The payment of the fee for the pitch, rental, or presence on the campsite entails full adherence to the provisions of these regulations,

The camper is required to respect the internal regulations of the campsite as well as those of the swimming pool,

The 'parking' location of the rental or pitch is designed for a single vehicle, Any other vehicle must park outside the campsite,

Access to the pool is regulated and reserved only for the campsite's customers (regulations posted at the pool), The management declines all responsibility in case of injuries or accidents occurring in the pool or on its beach,

It is absolutely forbidden to make fire (prefectural order),

Barbecues are prohibited on the plots, A collective barbecue is at your disposal,

Household waste, waste of all kinds must be deposited in the garbage cans, Selective sorting must be respected, You have at your disposal a bin for glass, a yellow bin for paper, plastic and cardboard packaging,

The showers of the toilets are reserved only for the pitches: N°2- 3 – 8 -10 and the rentals: N° 1 – 39,

The linen and dishes will be washed in the sanitary facilities in the bins provided for this purpose, The laundry to be dried will be extended in such a way that it is not very visible,

Plantings and decorations must be respected, It is forbidden to plant nails in trees, cut branches, dig trenches on the pitches,

Only animals of the 3rd category are allowed for a daily fee, They must be kept on a leash at all times, must not remain alone in the accommodation or on the pitches, Hygienic walks must be done outside the campsite and the master must make the necessary arrangements to collect droppings,

The playground, the trampoline are under the supervision of the parents, The management declines all responsibility in case of injuries or accidents,

Minor children cannot stay alone without their parents in the campsite,

Visitors :

Visitors are required to declare themselves on arrival and must pay a fee that will give them access to the campsite and its infrastructure, Visitors must park their vehicle outside the campsite and present themselves at the reception (or snack if it is closed), upon arrival, Any abuse from visitors or tenants with visitors may result in their eviction,

Circulation :

The speed is limited to 10km/h, The barrier is closed from 23:00 to 07:00 in the morning, all traffic is prohibited during this period,

Noise :

Radios, televisions and other sound devices will be set so as not to disturb the tranquility of the residents,

The night calm must be respected by all campers from 23:00 to 08:00,

In the event that a customer disrupts the stay of other users, does not comply with the provisions of the internal regulations or has given false information concerning the occupants of the plot, the manager or his representative may orally or in writing, if he deems it necessary, give notice to the latter to cease the disturbances,In the event of a serious or repeated breach of the internal regulations and after the manager has given formal notice to comply with them, the latter may terminate the contract, In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call on the police,

As part of the evenings organized by the campsite, the night calm must be respected at midnight,

Responsibility of the contractual customer :

The contractual customer of the accommodation or pitch (name indicated on the booking form) undertakes to use and have used by the people who accompany him, the facilities and equipment of the campsite to their destinations and normal uses, He undertakes in particular to leave his accommodation or pitch in a good condition when he leaves it at the end of the stay,

Any damage to the premises, loss or destruction of the movable elements that furnish the mobile home or the buildings of the campsite automatically engages the responsibility of the author, The contractual customer of an accommodation or a pitch is considered personally responsible for all damages, losses, degradations, disturbances or nuisances caused by the people who stay with him or who visit him and the animals in his care,

The customer acknowledges having read the internal regulations of the campsite and undertakes to respect them and to make them respected by all the people with him or who visit him,

When a customer disturbs or causes nuisance to other customers or affects the integrity of the common facilities, the campsite reserves the right to immediately terminate his stay without payment of any compensation and without prejudice to claims for compensation that the campsite or third parties could assert against him. authorized capacity),

The customer certifies that he holds with his insurer a civil liability contract covering damage caused to the rented or entrusted property (provide certificate),

Responsibility of the campsite :

Under no circumstances does the campsite assume the obligation to keep personal effects and objects within the campsite,

The responsibility of the campsite, beyond its legal responsibility, can not be engaged in case of :

* theft, loss, damage or damage to personal effects of any kind during or following a stay

*breakdown or decommissioning of technical equipment, breakdown or permanent or temporary closure of certain

campsite facilities when these are beyond its control and related to cases of force majeure,

*punctual measures, taken by the campsite management to limit access to certain facilities, including sanitary facilities when they are made necessary by compliance with safety standards or periodic maintenance work

* damage caused or suffered by customers' vehicles parked and circulating within the campsite,

*modification of the proposed animations,

Outside July and August, and for reasons related to attendance, the campsite reserves the right to modify or delete certain facilities, facilities, services or activities planned,

For any reservation outside July and August, we advise you to contact the campsite to validate these points,

Payment of services and royalties :

The payment of the stay whether in pitch or rental is made 30 days before your arrival,

For all last minute rentals, in pitch or rental, the payment of the stay is made on your arrival, The camper must present at the reception desk his identity card or passport, The ancillary services: snack, laundry and others will be paid in cash,

Image rights :

During your stay, you can be photographed and appear in all our publications and any type of support without time limit, In case of refusal, you must notify it by registered letter before your arrival,

Personal data :

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the customer is informed that the nominative or personal data indicated as mandatory collected as part of the reservation are necessary for the execution of the latter, The customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the transfer of these data to third parties that he can exercise by addressing, by mail to Camping la source – Rue de la citadelle - 66730 SOURNIA

Claims :

All complaints relating to the conditions of conduct of the stay must be made on site to the Management to allow them to find an immediate solution,

In accordance with Article L, 612-1 of the Consumer Code, you can use the CM2C mediation service free of charge to which we belong: electronically: or by post: CM2C 14 rue St Jean 75017 PARIS

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Dear customers, these elements being necessary to avoid any misunderstanding, we thank you for your trust and wish you a pleasant stay,